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Just like our beef and pork, we went in search of the best chicken and we found it almost in our own back yard.  Windy Meadows Farm, located in Campbell, TX produces some of the best chicken you’ll find.  Their product is used in many restaurants in the Metroplex.

Many chicken producers add up to 30% of the bird’s weight in water and sodium.  The chicken from Windy Meadows is how Grandma raised them.  And, because they aren’t saturated with all that extra stuff, they take flavor extremely well.  BBQ competitors from miles around buy these chickens for the fact that they can impart whatever flavor profile they desire.

They are pasture raised, not caged.  We believe in treating your animals humanely with the most prudent dignity and Windy Meadows certainly accomplishes this goal.

All chicken products come from Windy Meadows Farm

Whole chickens
Bone in skin on thighs
Boneless skinless breasts