After receiving an already superior quality of beef, we take it to the next level and dry age the beef on site.  Many places will buy dry aged beef, we do it ourselves.  Dry aging is a very controlled and specific process requiring the beef be kept (usually hung on hooks) at a constant temperature and constant humidity.  Beef that is dry aged will have that “melt in your mouth” texture due to the science of dry aging.  Simply put; it makes the best better!

All-natural beef is humanely raised and handled on family-owned ranches in the Midwestern United States.  These pure, single breed cattle are fed a 100% vegetarian diet that is guaranteed to be pesticide free.  The result is the purest, most tender and natural beef ever. Learn more about our producer, Greater Omaha, here.

Meat Packages

Save big when you buy one of Matador Meat & Wine’s fully customizable meat packages!

Gone are the days that you have to buy a side of beef in order to save money.  At Matador Meat & Wine you build your meat package from the cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and sausages that you and your family enjoy.  Depending on the amount you buy, you can save up to 15%!!

The best part about our meat packages is that you don’t have to take it all with you.  Simply come into Matador when you want to draw from your account and you’ll receive the cuts you want fresh, never frozen!!

You can save up to 15%.

You choose the cuts and amounts that fit your family’s needs!!

Matador Meats & Wines


The porterhouse is a cut that offers you two different cuts of beef in one. The porterhouse consists of a New York Strip approximately 10 ounces depending on thickness and a 6-ounce tenderloin filet again depending on thickness.



Porterhouse’s little brother. The T-Bone consists of the same two cuts as the porterhouse, just slightly smaller.

Prime Rib Roast

Standing Rib Roast

The Peterson family Christmas dish is available for purchase up to 7 bones thick. Easy to cook and best served medium rare. Often thought of as a holiday staple, the prime rib is great for any gathering and Matador’s prime rib will have your guests begging for more!


Rib Eye

Perhaps the most popular cut of beef, the rib eye is a well-marbled, very flavorful cut of beef. If you like your steak lean, the rib eye is not for you. The full flavor of the rib eye is largely attributed to the marble content of the steak. Available bone-in (Cowboy Cut) or boneless.

NY Strip

New York Strip

New York, Kansas City; Kansas City, New York – it just depends who you are talking to! The strip is a leaner cut from the loin of the cow. Very flavorful and tender, the strip will not disappoint.  Available bone-in or boneless.



Often referred to as a “filet” is the crème de la crème of steaks. A well-cooked tenderloin can be cut with a fork and you can almost feel it “melting” in your mouth. Our tenderloins are trimmed to perfection and are available cut into steaks or offered whole.  Available bone-in or boneless.



Also known as Top Sirloin, it is one of the most flexible and affordable cuts of beef.  Sirloin can be used as a roast, cut into steak portions or cut smaller to be used for skewers or kabobs.  It is also commonly used to make cheesesteak.



The bottom “tip” of the sirloin that is very popular in California.  Tri-Tip can be roasted, baked, grilled or braised.  Tri-Tip should always be cut against the grain to ensure tenderness.

Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak

Skirt steak  comes from plate and is used more for its flavor than its tenderness. While most commonly used for fajitas, skirt can also be grilled or used to make dishes like pinwheels.



Beef brisket is the prize beef of BBQ competitions.  Brisket can be divided and trimmed or left whole.  It is most commonly smoked but can also be done in the oven.

Specialty Cuts

Specialty Cuts

Because our beef is cut on site, there isn’t a cut that we don’t offer. The experienced and knowledgeable butchers at Matador Meat & Wine will prepare any cut you like – all you have to do is ask. Whether it be a roast,  flat iron steaks, or the popular Brazilian cut picanha; Matador’s butchers can cut it.

All cuts available in Prime and Certified Angus Beef:

Bone in ribeye
Strip steak
Bone in strip
Bone in filet

Tri tip
Inside skirt
Outside skirt
Bone in chuck short ribs
Top sirloin
Round roast
Chuck roast

Sirloin tip roast
Standing rib roast
Marrow bones
Brisket – Prime only
Flat iron
Eye of round

Ground beef:
85% lean
93% lean