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“We can’t afford a steak dinner, let alone a steak dinner with steaks as good as those from a place with the reputation of Matador.”

Look at the following comparison:

Matador Meat & Wine, est. 2011, was founded on the premise of duplicating the quality of the finest steak house in your home at a fraction of the cost.  Proprietors, Matt & Colleen Peterson, had always enjoyed going out for a succulent USDA Prime steak and a well-paired bottle of wine. As you are aware, this venture can cost you several hundreds of dollars when you factor in the price of the meal, valet, tip, babysitter, etc.

Frustrated that they were unable to find the quality of meat found in the best restaurants at a retail level, the dream was hatched!  Not only was this goal achieved, it was surpassed!  Many restaurants don’t serve Prime grade meat and most don’t dry age their steak.  At Matador you will only find USDA Prime grade and Certified Angus Beef grade dry aged on site from a few days to several weeks.  Collectively, this accounts for the highest 10%-12% of beef in America.

In addition to the quality meat, we also sell only the best chicken from Windy Meadows Farm in Campbell, Texas, Midwestern pork, and fresh, never frozen seafood.

When you’re having a melt in your mouth filet or a juicy pork chop, you aren’t going to want to drink a glass of milk! No, you want a perfectly paired wine to compliment your food.  The staff at Matador tries all the wine before we put it on the shelf with the mindset of food pairing.  Whether it’s a juicy Zinfandel to go with your barbecue or a rare Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon to go with your bone in ribeye, or a buttery Chardonnay to go with some crab legs, we can pair your meal with your wine.

Man cannot live on wine alone.  Therefore, we also carry craft beer sold by the four or six pack or mix and match singles to build your own compilation.  We offer more than 100 different craft beers including many of the locally brewed beers.

As the saying goes around Matador; you buy your toothpaste at the grocery store, you buy your meat at Matador!

Chili’s Matador Meat & Wine
Person 1:
Domestic beer: $5.00+tax
Chicken Crispers: $10.19+tax
14oz Prime ribeye: $19.89
6oz Prime filet: $13.87
6oz Prime sirloin: $5.44
A bottle of Chasing Lions Cabernet Sauvignon with tax: $20.55
Person 2:
Glass of Chardonnay: $8.00+tax
Classic Ribeye (Choice grade): $17.39+tax
Person 3 (child):
Kids Chicken Platter: $5.19+tax
Total cost of the meal including a 20% tip: $59.45 Total cost of your meal from Matador that includes Prime beef and a higher quality bottle of wine: $59.75


P : 972-377-6328


8200 Preston Rd. #100
Plano, TX 75024


Tues-Sat 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sun 11:00am – 5:00pm
Closed Monday



As mentioned above, only the highest quality of meats and seafood make it through our screening process.  You can be assured you are leaving with a product second to none when purchasing from Matador Meat & Wine.

Customizable Meat Packages

Growing up, my mother used to buy a side of beef from our local butcher. The only problem with that was, we would eat all the great steak cuts first and eat roasts for a month and a half before my mom could afford another side of beef!

A Matador, we allow you to create your own meat packages in two different sizes:

30 lb. Package
Receive a 10% discount when you choose a minimum of 3 items to build your meat package.

50 lb. Package
Receive a 15% discount when you choose a minimum of 3 items to build your meat package.

The best part about the customizable packages is we aren’t going to send you home with all that meat. When you’re ready to draw from your account, simply come in and tell us what you want and we will cut it fresh for you. This way you don’t have to freeze your steaks thus compromising the quality of a great product.

Think of it as a meat bank account!



When Colleen and Matt toured the Sonoma Valley a few years ago, our very prophetic guide offered the following advice, “There are only 2 types of wine; wine you like and wine you don’t like.” This may sound simplistic but we know choosing the right wine to compliment your cut of meat can be a daunting task. The staff at Matador Meat & Wine has tasted all of the wine offered and each member of our staff has their favorites. Whether you are seeking a bold Petite Sirah to go with that 2-inch thick rib eye or a light Pinot Gris with your Iowa Chop, you will find our staff able to offer some insight into your decision.


We don’t stop at selling you a quality product to enjoy at home.  We also offer a variety of services outside of the retail market.  You just shot that beautiful 10-point buck and want to memorialize him with expertly processed steaks and sausages.  Your sorority sisters are looking for a different idea for a night out; how about a private wine tasting? Is it a beautiful Saturday and you feel like hamburgers but don’t want to get out of the pool? We deliver.